Meet Chris Pillsbury

Owner of Pillsbury Creative

In today’s world, most anyone can build a basic Wix/Squarespace website. Yet, few people take the time to think through a creative marketing process before they start building. This is akin to building a house on a whim and a trip to Home Depot. The results are often not very pretty.

I offer my clients the benefits of a holistic approach. When you’re my client, I get to know you, your business, your vision and who your customer is. Once I figure this out, I begin to explore the felt needs of your customer and how you or your business meets these felt needs. During these discussions, valuable insights are discovered and many times point to creative solutions unseen at the outset.

After these discussions, I find which solution is best for my client using the unique set of creative talents I bring to the table. (Web design, social media, videography, photography, graphic design, etc…) However, I don’t believe in selling a turbo diesel truck to a client who simply needs a used KIA to go back and forth to church once a week. – Make sense?

experienced designer

I have 10+ years of experience building websites, doing graphic design and video work. A large portion of this experience took place while I was a student at Baylor University and as I served as Music Minister at FBC Clifton. In February 2019, I decided to create my own company and go it on my own.

Trust. Credibility. Story

These three pillars tell customers that you innately understand their needs. If your website/logo/branding/marketing does this, the results are powerful and profitable. If you want someone to accomplish this, I’m your guy. I’ll likely be more expensive because the quality always costs more.

“Wow!  This is more than I hoped it would be”

 – Dr. Margaret Baier’s  initial reaction to her website

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